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KonOpas is controlled and configured by setting values in a konopas_set array before including the konopas.min.js file. The only required field is id, a unique alphanumeric identifier for each particular instance of the guide, like finncon2014. Everything else has decent default values.

A slightly more complex konopas_set definition is included below, tailored to the sample data included with KonOpas. For a full list of the available parameters and their default values, take a look at the src/app.js file.

var konopas_set = {
    'id': 'sample',
    'default_duration': 75,
    'tag_categories': ['track', 'type'],
    'time_show_am_pm': true,
    'show_all_days_by_default': false,
    'people_per_screen': 120,
    'use_server': true,
    'filters': {
        'day': {},
        'area': {
            'loc_level': 0,
            'labels': {
                'all_areas': 'Everywhere',
                'area': 'Other location',
                'Galleria': 'Galleria (1E)',
                '1W': 'Concourse (1W)',
                '2':  'Lobby (2)',
                '3E': 'Conference (3E)',
                '3W': 'Mezzanine (3W)',
                'ArisiaTV': '$ArisiaTV',
                'Commonwealth Ballroom ABC': 'Commonwealth Ballroom',
            'regexp': { 'Galleria': '^Galleria' },
            'promote': ['3W', '3E', '2', '1W', 'Galleria'],
            'exclude': ['^Galleria -', '^Gaming Table', '^Grand Prefunction$']
        'tag': {
            'categories': ['track', 'type'],
            'labels': {
                'all_tags': 'All tracks & types',
                'Featured': 'Featured items',
                'track': 'Track',
                'type': 'Type'
            'promote': ['Featured'],